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Indoor Houseplant Service

What separates a house from a home?Dominic Cosentino

Is it not the life within the walls?

Indoor plants add to this feeling. Healthy vibrant plants gives their effect a turbo-charge.

You may be reading this because you know your plants can do more for your home. Maybe they don’t look their best, are turning yellow, are suffering or worse. Are your plants surging towards the light or drooping sadly? Both send a message.

Some of my customers love their plants for the extra life it brings inside their home and the statement of caring for life. For others, it’s the shape and color that plants provide to the appearance of their home. And for others it’s the diversity of design elements that plants bring. Most get all three from their houseplants. All of my customers have fantastic homes and indoor foliage adds it’s part.

My name is Dominic Cosentino… I am the Plant Dr. of Southern California. I have been caring for my customers indoor plants for over 20 years. I started my plant career at my families business on the PCH in Malibu.

Now I focus on making sure my customers plants reflect the purpose the plants play in their home. Many of my new customers choose me because watering done by the housekeeper does not do everything that is needed and leaves the plants deficient or worse. I go way beyond basic care and do things like polishing leaves, clipping dead parts, fertilizing on the proper schedule and season, watching for and treating disease and insects and more. I also recommend placement for optimal light, growth and design.

I provide weekly plant care, one time spruce-ups, design advice, and new installations.

I’m small and personal. I do all my own work and most customers provide me keys so I can come discreetly leaving only beautiful plants behind. I work in Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Simi Valley and other surrounding towns.

Call me today so we can discuss your indoor plant care needs.

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